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Staff Augmentation and Consulting Services

We support you in your fiscal recovery needs, whether it as a temporary support (aka staff augmentation) or in a consulting role.     

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation may be thought of as temporary skilled labor to support your short-term needs.  Staff augmentation support by us may be as short as 1 hour for something like compiling force account time sheets into the FEMA PA grant required format, or it may be thousands of hours over the course of a disaster to provide full-scale recovery support. Staff Augmentation can be delivered onsite at your location or remotely from our location.


Most government organizations find it cost-prohibitive to keep full-time specialized disaster recovery professionals on staff, since their encounters with disaster don’t happen on a yearly basis. Training and maintaining a staff for occasional or cyclical work can be cost-prohibitive in any field, but it is compounded in a niche field like disaster recovery, where timeliness and accuracy are of grave importance and peak work cannot be scheduled in advance.  We work on disaster grants every day, across the United States.  Our consultants will work as navigators to guide you through the declaration, grant development, work verification, cost reimbursement, or audit process.  Consulting services are usually delivered initially onsite at your location, and then as the work progresses may be delivered in a combination of onsite and remote delivery.