Let Us Help You
Navigate Your Disaster.

Timeliness. Awareness. Accuracy.

We help communities affected by disaster optimize and be compliant with disaster funding.

We Manage Disasters Every Day.

Our full-time staff of specialized disaster grant professionals manage disasters every day for government organizations just like yours. The cost for most of our services and software offerings are reimbursable via disaster grants.

We Have the Staff and Expertise.

Disaster Funding Solutions has the full-time staff and expertise you need to make informed decisions during your disaster response and fiscal recovery process. We stay updated on ever-changing grant guidelines and compliance requirements needed to ensure you are accurately reimbursed for damages.

We Know the Process Inside-Out.

We help your financial recovery become a success by identifying appropriate and timely funding options; providing 1:1 training and reports; and supporting loan, grant, and donation actions.

We Are Here to Help.

Where Would You Like Us to Start?


We’re Your Navigator.


We’re Your Driver.


We’re Your GPS.

Our consultants advise you to help navigate the sea of information and opportunities.   We answer your questions and guide you through the layers of policy, guidance, standard operations, and ad-hoc processes. 

Typical consulting services include:

  • Identifying Federal Funding Opportunities (CDBG, FEMA, FHWA, NRCS, SBA)
  • Serving as Grant Administrators
  • Layering Funding
  • Framing and Communicating Eligible Disaster Damages and Costs
  • Developing Opportunities for Private Funding to Serve as a Force Multiplier
  • Optimizing Response, Repair, or Replacement Options
  • Coordinating with Engineering and Operational Vendors
  • Interacting with State and Federal Partners 

Staff Augmentation is temporary  labor provided to support your short-term needs.  

Typical staff augmentation services include:

  • Debris Monitoring
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Coordinating Donations
  • Collecting and Organizing Budget and Cost Elements
  • Managing Disaster Volunteers
  • Documenting In Kind and Cost Share Contributions
  • Data Lookups and Validations (Cost Code, Watershed, Environmental Certifications)

Using our system or yours, we’ll help you transform data into information, and information into decision making tools.  

Typical support services include:

  • Data Conversion, Entry, or Upload Support
  • Custom Report Development
  • Repetitive Loss Dashboards
  • Infrastructure Loss

We Can Start Today.

Let’s Get Rolling.

We can begin work immediately from our office or at your location.

Depending on the type of funding and type of work involved, services are provided via hourly rates, a funding percentage basis, or a flat fee. 

You may cancel or pause our work at any time.

Getting started is as easy as calling the help desk or sending an email to contact@erassist.com. 

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