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Your solution for increased grant compliance
and reduced administrative costs.

We offer a range of solutions for governmental and organizational clients. Software modules “talk” to one another:  info updated in the equipment inventory is available in time tracking, disaster plans, resiliency documentation, grant development and management, and infrastructure management. In deciding to use our software, clients like you cite compliance with grant and audit requirements, maximization of funding, and a central, tiered level location for data and documentation.

Time and Equipment App

Our time and equipment app and software were built to help governmental entities and their contractors to comply with federal grant parameters.

Offering simple, quick and error-proof time recording for users; and a robust variety of features and value add-ins for administrators, this software touches all needs.  Users can start recording time with 3 clicks (open app, my time, start time).  Software admins can review/approve time and create audit-worthy time reports or invoices, and grant administrators can view time in a variety of ways.

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