Disaster Funding Software

Smart. Straight-forward. Reliable.

In as little as 4 minutes from now, you could be recording time, inventorying equipment, calculating costs, documenting infrastructure, or tracking grants. By this time tomorrow, your group could be creating invoices, or exporting full funding packages. Enter or import info once and it’s available across all relevant modules. Software apps and modules talk to one another, so no more repetitive data entry or document uploads.

In deciding to use our software, clients like you cite compliance with grant and audit requirements, maximization of funding, and a need for a central, tiered-level location for data and documentation.  But, we know you’ll have trouble getting others in the organization to use such a system, no matter how wonderful it’s functionality, unless it’s also self-explanatory and easy to use.  We think this system does all that and more.  Plus, your information is YOUR information, not something we hold hostage via overly complex or cumbersome extraction and export procedures.  Exporting all data and documents related to a project is simple and straightforward.

Time and Equipment

The time and equipment app and software were built to help governmental entities and their contractors comply with federal grant parameters.  Now it’s available for all types of users.

  • Quick, simple, and error-proof time recording for all personnel
    • Start recording time with 3 clicks:   “open app,” “my time,” and “start time”
    • Immediate and obvious flagging of errors
  • Robust variety of features and value add-ins for administrators
    • Variable positions, time sensitive rates, and custom overtime policies
  • Flexibility and adaptability-
    • Create custom activities and sites.
    • Group Sites group into projects
  • Easy access, review, and reporting for operational use, auditors or  grant administrators
    • Custom and Standard Reporting
  • Audit support – provides all essential data and reporting to support any governmental audit
    • No overlapping time entries
    • Entries can only be invoiced or claimed once
    • Linkage between grant, timesheet and time report

Although optimized for disaster funding, The Time and Equipment mobile app and web module can be used by anyone, in any type or size of organization – governmental, for profit, or non-profit  It truly is adaptable and flexible, meant to meet any need.


Time tracked in the Time and Equipment app can be invoiced – all at once, by job, or by project.

  • Flexible reporting enabling you to report on all or some entries – whether it’s site specific, project specific, or client specific.
  • When used by contractors (and their subs), the time costs are automatically reported to the correct grant applications after the invoice is finalized
  • When used by governmental entities as part of mutual aid, incident teams, or Fire Management Grants, the “invoices” may serve as mutual aid invoices or FMAG subgrants

Cost Tracking and Reporting

Cost Tracking incorporates all costs expended on a disaster, including internal, third party, and volunteer efforts.

  • Customizable for tracking any costs, and grouped how you need them for reporting and analysis
  • FEMA Policy compliance checks – the system will let you know if your costs are reimbursable or require additional information
  • Exportable – you can export all costs and ALL the documents associated with it for any project (one click!!)
  • Reporting on activity based costing – analyze cost allocation and efficiency

Volunteer and Donations Tracking

Originally built as a “Virtual Volunteer Reception Center” to meet the needs of cities and counties wishing to capture documentation for FEMA Donated Resources grants, volunteer and donations tracking is an often overlooked source of FEMA funding.

  • Tracks the availability, need, and location of donated items to maximize donation efforts and ensure you can get what you need where you need it
  • Tracks availability, need and location of volunteers – you can locate boots on the ground where they are needed most and minimize loss of productivity for valuable human resources
  • Documents what, who and when – information essential for FEMA grant reimbursement


The infrastructure module tracks all of your infrastructure and associated information, such as funding authority, insurance status, and repetitive loss information.

  • One system capturing all of your infrastructure – location, description, history – everything your records management requires
  • Maintenance records and repair history for infrastructure management
  • Number of roadway miles, maintained miles, and funding authority miles at the click of a mouse
  • Repetitive loss history ensuring maximum reimbursement for structures with vulnerabilities

Debris Plan

The Debris Plan module walks communities through a FEMA compliant debris plan, including auto importing of weather hazard histories and forecasts tornado, hurricane, and ice storm debris amounts.

  • Baseline approach that ensures pre-disaster activities are identified and accomplished.  Minimizes delays in initiation of disaster recovery and maximizes reimbursement resulting from FEMA incentive programs.
  • Focused on FEMA recommendations and guidance to drive efficiency of recovery and reimbursement

All modules/apps offer change logs, ensuring you can see who makes what changes at any time.


The cost for most modules within the ER Assist software suite are covered in whole or part by grants to your agency.  Even though the costs are covered, we know price is always a factor.  Software pricing is flexible based on your needs–pay by the funding amount (starting at a quarter of one percent – .25%), pay by the number of users per module per month, or pay a flat fee.  There are even several no-cost options.  Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, ensuring that your disaster recovery efforts aren’t obstructed by data and documentation requirements.

(Return on Investment)

Can you really afford to not use this software?

  • Document, document, document – modules capture the data  and documentation required to support reimbursement or costs offsets.
  • Intelligent systems that do the work for you – our systems will identify reimbursement funding of which you might be unaware.  For small grants, the additional funding found using this software is 40% (fringe rate errors, overtime calculation/eligibility errors, equipment cost code errors, volunteer and donations optimization.   For large grants this average is 17%.  This software ensures that the right data and documentation is captured, maximizing the reimbursement amount, and ensuring that the funding will not be “clawed back” post audit.
  • Speed of funding – The quicker you submit full and flawless documentation, the quicker you will receive funding.
  • Contractors using the software have found payroll to be easy (RT/OT is calculated across all worked hours, and payroll hours export in less than 2 min) and have found they invoiced an average of 14 days faster than their previous invoicing system (better yet–an increase speed of 21 days faster on the most crucial initial invoice).
  • FEMA Admin Costs Flat Rate Program (new) – Applicants of the FEMA PA program may elect to receive a flat 5% admin funding vs receiving actual itemized admin costs for the entire disaster.   Users of our software routinely have admin costs significantly below 5%.   This means, should you elect to receive flat 5% funding, and you use this software, your organization may be eligible to receive and keep more money than you expended on disaster.
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