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To comply with federal and state contracting and grant reimbursement requirements, contracts, even those in a disaster, must follow appropriate procurement.

The State of Kentucky has competitively procured a “Master Agreement” contract with ER Assist Inc. able to be utilized by all state agencies, cities, counties, etc. within the state of Kentucky. This Master Agreement meets all procurement requirements–regardless of dollar amount/threshold, or current state of emergency.

This means KY applicants to the FEMA PA program can immediately hire ER Assist — no RFP, no publication in the newspaper, no bid-review board. No delay to start your funding reimbursement.

The Master Agreement can be found on and DFS.


Costs under this Master Agreement vary based on the level of assistance required ($35, $65, $95, $125).  

Costs are reimbursed.
The reimbursement rate is at least 75% federal reimbursement for emergency operations staffing and debris monitoring (with 12% state).  Reimbursement may be higher–we can assist with other grants to cover the entire local share.

The reimbursement rate for grant management is 100% (the federal government will reimburse you 100% of ER Assist grant management costs). 

Notice to Proceed and Contract/Task Order

1.Give us a notice to proceed.  This can be a letter on letterhead, a handwritten paper (signed and witnessed), or an email (cc  additional personnel within your organization).

2. Sign a contract and task order (sample contract and task orders for grant management or debris monitoring  can be found on DFS   (notice to proceed may suffice if contract is to be signed after governing body or legal review).  Even though the State of KY has done procurement, to comply with reimbursement, we’ll still need a contract that has all of the required clauses (e.g. Clean Water Act, Byrd Anti-Lobbying, etc)

3. Assign us to a point of contact within your organization to report to.

4. From there, we’ll coordinate and start providing you actionable information and progress reports. 

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