Helping Communities Financially Recover from Disasters

With a micro-niche focus, professional consultants, and customizable software, ER Assist is prepared for your disaster grant needs. Simply put, we are experts in the industry and ready to serve you. ER Assist has been offering software solutions and short and long-term disaster data grant consulting to clients since 2010. In five years, we have not only built a company of caring subject matter expert consultants, we have also built a revolutionary software that addresses key aspects required for timely financial recovery from disaster.  From pre-disaster planning to time, material, and equipment tracking through final closeout and later audits, we have a solution.  Our software increases the speed and amount of funding to States and Applicants while reducing the overall disaster cost to the federal taxpayer by drastically reducing processing time and costs.  This impact is contagiously positive and motivates us to develop additional programs and solutions.

ER Assist operates in a micro-niche industry. In fact, the niche may be so micro, we may be the only one here! Some may call us a disaster fiscal recovery company with software; and some may call us a software company focusing in disaster fiscal recovery. Whatever you call us, we’re available and happy to assist your State, Governmental Entity, or Private Non-Profit with disaster data collection, and grant management.

We Know Disaster Grant Data

We know the process inside and out. We know the data outside and in. Knowledge translates into speed. Your community can not afford delays. You need our services.

Disaster Grant Data

Our intuitive software automatically communicates with FEMA on a daily basis, which feeds our templates and calculators.   Our system and consultants will guide you through step by step–let the power of data work for you.

We're Different

Our company is a B Corp. That means our primary focus is not on shareholder value or quarterly profits, but on social and environmental standards. Your Disaster Recovery needs come first.

B Corp Shows Our Focus

Benefit Corporations aka B Corps commit to public good.  ER Assist is a B Corp committed to social and environmental improvement through disaster response and recovery.   You’ll see our commitment to improvement throughout our services and software.  Check out our disaster debris landfill diversion software or talk to one of our consultants about their unique bonus structure which is based on community improvement not on billable hours.

Let us Leverage our Experience and Expertise into Solutions for you.

With several digital and mobile applications, simply put, ER Assist is your GO-TO for your disaster recovery software needs.