We are dedicated to disaster fiscal recovery

With  a micro-niche focus and a custom mobile application, ER Assist is prepared for your every disaster grant need! Simply put, we are experts in the industry and ready to serve you.

ER Assist has been offering software solutions and short and long-term  disaster grant consulting  to clients since 2010. In five years, we have not only built a company of caring subject matter expert consultants, we have also built a revolutionary software that addresses all aspects of fiscal recovery–from volunteer, operations and administrative time, material, and equipment tracking, to operational reporting, to insurance reconciliation, through final closeout, and any follow on audits. We know our software increases the speed and amount of funding to States and Municipalities while reducing the overall cost to the federal taxpayer by drastically reducing processing time and costs.

We knew there was a better way to serve clients, and with the launch of ER Assist we set off to do so. ER Assist operates in a micro-niche industry. In fact, the niche may be so micro, we may be the only one here! Some may call us a disaster fiscal recovery company with software; and some may call us a software company focusing in disaster fiscal recovery. Whatever you call us, we’re available and happy to assist your State, Municipality, or Private Non-Profit with disaster grant management.

Simplistic Solutions for Complicated Matters. It takes true understanding and comprehension to distill complex, overlapping issues down to core topics.  It takes ER Assist to transform  complex policies into user-friendly software
Proactive.  Proper Tracking and Availability of Information
To serve those affected by disaster by providing smart software. We give State and Federal Agencies, Insurance, Local Communities, and Individuals Affected by disaster the data and documentation the data and documentation platform. We know what is important and that is recovering quickly from a disaster.
ER Assist disaster fiscal recovery software consistently helps reduce administrative cost and burden. We believe in our mission. We’re confident in our product and look forward to serving your community!

ER Assist: Disaster Recovery Service with technology integration and mobile enabled workforce!

With several digital and mobile applications, ER Assist, simply put, is the market leader in disaster recovery service and one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

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We have been providing disaster grant software for over 4 years.

We have a strong reputation as a company, and are fully dedicated to providing the best service. When you choose ER Assist, you won’t ever have to worry about doing the right thing for your community!